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About Us

Skye Shoppe is a fitness apparel company based in Florida.  Our Goal is to offer you exclusive, stylish and fun apparel. Our products are sourced from Brazil.

We offer a limited collection as we want you to feel unique.

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Our Founder

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I started working out in 2019 with a group of women, not sure where it was going to take me or even if I would continue after the first week. The dedication and determination by the others in the group kept me motivated to continue 4 days per week.

As COVID was thrust into our lives in 2019 we did not miss a beat, we went from being inside the gym and weight room to outdoors. Rain, or shine our trainer kept us going.

One of the many down falls to COVID, stores that sold active wear were now closed. I was not able to get any new workout apparel.

It was at this point I said to members in the group I wanted to create my own athletic wear company.

Skye Is Born